Saturday, 3 September 2011

And so it begins!

The weekend, that is.  I hope you're all having the same kind of weather we have in London right now.  It's actually reasonably bright and cheery, which makes a refreshing change.  It's good for the lungs, too.  I have been using flixotide inhalers to try and calm down my airway a little, and I don't want to tempt any kind of fate by saying it works completely, but I do get the feeling it helps somewhat.  With stenosis like mine, anything that helps, even a little bit, is worth trying.

I've been making preparations for my trip.  Unlike most people, when you have a chronic illness, trips away usually involve making sure your health is covered.  My lovely auntie already bought and paid for my travel insurance, and included cover for my condition, which the insurance company always lists as tracheostomy.  It's reassuring to know that if the worst were to happen, I can get the funds to pay for it!  Always declare airway problems when you travel, it just isn't worth risking what could happen otherwise.

And then I dug out my travel nebuliser.  I don't find it's as effective as the mains powered one, but in a crisis it is better than nothing.  I found a company in Canvey Island, Essex, that rents nebulisers for trips.  So if I were to have a last minute machine malfunction, they would be the people I ran to.

And then I had to get a letter to say that I have certain medical conditions, and I take medication because of them.  This is of course to make sure that I don't get arrested for trying to smuggle drugs!!  Lol, God forbid that should happen.  I take copies of my prescriptions as well, and a letter from every consultant that I visit.  So I am as prepared as I ever can be,

And then we move on to packing clothes and things.  My husband and I are sharing one suitcase, which we hope to carefully fill so there's a little space to bring back souvenirs, goodies etc.  I carry my medication and nebulisers in a backpack that I take on the flight, my husband has everything else.

And now I'm starting to panic again.  Thank heavens for temazepam, lol.

My care co, Norman, was lovely and helpful yesterday, and he provided me with a medical letter without even being asked!!  What a great man :o)

I have to start tidying the house today, and cleaning up my equipment.  To be honest I'm a bit of a slob, but my mum is taking care of the flat while we are away, and I don't want her to realise quite how big a slob I am, hehehe.  She's looking forward to staying; she loves my cats and they love their nan.  It'll be fun for all of them, I hope.

Have a lovely day, speak really soon :o)  Keep breathing, blue is not a good colour for the skin!

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