Sunday, 25 September 2011


Lol, I thought this story might make you laugh....  on my last visit to the OPD clinic at the ent hospital, I sat in my usual place, just inside the little clinic doors.  It's nicer there.  There are fewer people, so it's quieter, and they have air conditioning.  Anyway, the SpR came out and asked a lady sat next to me if she was happy to see him.  She answered 'No, I absolutely must see the consultant, we have a 'history'' in such a pompous tone of voice that it instantly made my hackles rise.  FFS, I thought; EVERYONE in that damn clinic has a history, it's why we're all there!!  Lol, talk about non engaging brain before mouth.  So anyway, the SpR just shrugged and said 'okay, but you'll have a long wait', to which she replied 'fine'.  So then he called me in.  I've known the SpR for a while now. He's a nice chap, good at what he does and very gentle.  So I was very happy to see him.  He wasn't able to deal with what I needed instantly, so he asked me to wait in the outside clinic again, which again, I was happy to do.

So this woman who had stated five minutes previously that she was happy to wait for the consultant suddenly started to kick off.  She started going on about how she was 'obviously next, as her appointment was waaaay before anyone elses' lol.  She then started to drag me into her row, and said to the nurse in charge 'sheeee has already been seen, so ignore her, and....' and it was at this point I intervened.  'Please do not drag me into your row', I asked.  I asked nicely, mind, I said please.  But she ignored me and carried on.  I asked again, 'Look, I am still waiting to be seen.  Please do not tell people that I am not.  You do not know anything about me or my situation, so kindly do not refer to me in your row.'.   But she still carried on.  At which point I told her to 'shut the F*** up.  These doctors and nurses are working their asses off to help you and all you're doing is moaning at them.  Please do not drag me into this.'.  And still she carried on.  So I turned to face her.  I said 'clearly you are incapable of understanding that you are not the only person in need of medical help today, so let me make this plain; I am dying, as is almost everyone else in this room.  We have bigger problems than you.  You have no right to try and stop me being seen by my doctor at my clinic appointment.  And if you don't fuckin shut up, I will personally make sure you do.  I will remove you from the building myself.  Understand?'.  And she started spluttering, lol, and then she said 'excuse me?', which I blanked.  She then poked me.  And I said, very slowly 'do you enjoy having five fingers?'.  Hehehehe, she eventually did shut up.  Anyway, her appointment was at 1 45 and mine was at 155. But I got called in first, haha, again, which sent her into absolute total fury.  It is fun sometimes, letting go.  Just be careful that you stop before it all goes too far, y'know?  She had no right to interfere in my healthcare decisions though, and on that point I stand firm.  It is generally only the well who have the energy to create such a hissy fit in clinic.  The really sick people are usually too grateful or desperate to bother.

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