Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Another day, another.....

Well good morning all!!

Yesterday was something of a busy one.  I had to go into the city to take some documents into the new place of work, then I had a twenty minute walk up the road to my ENT appointment at the RNTNE hospital.  I was expecting to see the consultant as per usual, but the kind SpR took pity on my wilting in the heat, and he asked me in first.  I was pleased about this, because it was twenty minutes before my scheduled appointment!!  Anyway, he asked me if I'd mind him scoping me, so I agreed, and he said 'do you want the spray or not?'.  I said 'how good are you?', and he said 'great', so we went for it with no anaesthetic.  He really was good, it has to be said, and he didn't make me gag or retch once.  So I gave him a very good score out of ten; nine and three quarters.  Lol.

He said that the stent is pretty high up, so I presume that has been the cause of all my problems with it.  And because of that, they will be 'pleased' to change it for me.  So I'm 'pleased' about that.  Hehe.  So Monday 8th August, I am officially for the chop.  Can't wait!!

I have to go pick up my swab results soon.  I know they are negative, but even so, there is still that flutter of anticipation that they will reveal something nasty.  Keep your fingers, toes and everything else crossed for me....

Oh, it's just started raining.  Thank heavens!!  My tomatoes will be pleased about that.  It's also better for the breathing.  It was about 31 degrees yesterday, and I was seriously struggling.

I'm going outside to dance in the rain.  Why miss an opportunity like this?!  Have a lovely morning, and we shall catch up later.

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