Friday, 29 July 2011

Tired and irritated....and that's just my airway!

hey there everybody!

it's been a while, hasn't it?  Sorry about that; i've been running here and running there, and then i ran out of credit!  So annoying, especially as i then got an email from my new employer, asking me to download and sign some documents, scan some others in and email them, and check and sign some other information.

in theory, none of that was too hard.  But then I got to the occupational health form, which asked me 'have you ever been infected with/colonised with MRSA?  unfortunately, i have.  Many years ago, whilst in intensive care, i was nursed in a bed next to somebody who was riddle with it, and a nurse failed to wash their hands correctly, thus giving me the infection.  I was lucky in a way; i was only ever colonised with it, not infected.  the result of an infection could have been severe.  it took me something like six years to find out why I was at the end of every theatre list while i was in hospital, and when they eventually told me why my nurse of the day had been treating me like i had plague, i went absolutely bananas.  i said 'look, you've been telling me for years i have an infection; now you tell me it's this MRSA.  what you're not telling me is what can i do about it?'  i was terrified, of course, that i was destined to have it forever.  But it turns out that if you wash your skin with Hibiscrub/clorhexidine skin wash, and you wash your hair with it twice a week, you use the mouthwash corsodyl twice a day (which i was doing anyway), and you use a nasal gel called bactroban, you can in fact de colonise yourself.  So I did all that, and i had three sets of clear swabs which made me officially clear of the colonised infection.  i also has three sets of clear swabs done at the doctors for work, as i was going to work in a hospital.  since then, i have had repeated swabs, and probably had something like a further twenty clear swabs. 

and then i read the occupational health form, which requires proof of the clear swabs.  But instead of wanting swabs from three or four sites, as is standard, they want swabs from five sites!!  So now i have to go through all the stress and worry of waiting for results again.

it feels like just as i overcome one hurdle in my dream to go back to work, another one pops up.  All I can do is to remain positive, and tackle them one by one.  If i do my best, then i am sure that all will come out fine.

i have a sore throat today, quite deep into my trachea.  I'm hoping it won't be anything serious, as i've been very fatigued with it too.  It could just be the mania wearing off.  I suppose that several weeks of only sleeping two hours a night, if at all , would leave anyone's body feeling somewhat exhausted.

my message today, therefore, is to look after yourself.  Take all your medications when you need to, do all the nebulisers/percussion/physio when you're supposed to.  Eat well, and rest when you need to.  And just put yourself, and your health, first and foremost above everything else.  there is no problem in life that cannot be managed, so be strong and keep focussed on what you want to achieve.  And all will be well.

take care, have a lovely evening, and see you tomorrow!

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