Friday, 13 August 2010

Dripping with sweat (yuk...)

Aha, so methinks I might have a throat infection.  And I thought I'd escaped germ free, lol, I should have know better :0/   It started this morning, I felt a bit of a hot flush come on.  Then it happened again.  And again.  As I'm not in my forties and menopausal, it's got to be another filthy lurgy.  They sent me home with antibiotics, but OMG they're orange and grey capsules which reek of bleach.  How do I know that some benevolent 'Angel of Mercy' isn't trying to cleanse my soul from the inside out?  haha..  Paranoia isn't paranoia if they really are out to get you!! 

Today I find myself in the position where I have to apply for work because my finances are now critical.  Chronic illness is not good for the bank balance.  Although the principle of receiving state benefit of £96 per week seems like a good one, when you compare it to the £350 per week that I was earning, I'm running at something of a loss.  And for the record I do not receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit.  So I lose £70 of the £96 to rent.  Ouch.  £26 a week doesn't go terribly far these days.  Deduct money for gas and electricity and there's almost nothing left.  This is why people can't afford to go back to work, they don't have a chance to save anything to carry them through the initial wage free period.  It bugs me and it's a system which needs to change. If you're on JSA, you can get this continued for four weeks when you go back to work.  If you're on ESA, this doesn't apply.  So why are they moaning about the sick and disabled, and not giving us the same level of support as the well and able bodied?!!!  Rant, haha...

On a more mellow note, I'm sat here listening to Daughtry's album, Leave This Town.  Excellent tunes, my friends, you should give them a go.

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