Friday, 13 August 2010

Nebuliser, nebuliser...

Here I am again.  Hooked up to my nebuliser trying to clear my stent.  It's 10 30 am and this is the second time already today.  I was trying to work out how much time the average tracheal stenosis patient must spend on one of these things.  If they're anything like me, it's at least four hours a day.  Sometimes five.  Over a week it's 28 to 35 hours.  OMG, over a month that works out to just under a week.  12 weeks a year on a nebuliser!! 

Okay, so my maths are at the higher end of exaggerated but you get the point.  This is one boring illness, lol.  What I wouldn't give for a decent portable nebuliser.  Freedom!!

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