Thursday, 12 August 2010

Spare a thought...

I was just thinking about a new friend of mine who also has tracheal stenosis.  She's in hospital at the moment having a laryngo tracheal reconstruction, which will hopefully provide her with a new lease of life.  If good thoughts and wishes could cure someone, she's certainly in with a chance.  She was admitted to hospital on Monday, bizarrely to the same ward that I was on.  I didn't want to interfere, so I let her settle in and just gather her thoughts for the day ahead.  I shouldn't worry, but somehow I still do.  It's always harder watching people you like go through things which you know are painful.  But she is a fighter, and I know for sure she'll get through this.  It's her time to get cured, and I have everything crossed that she has a swift and uneventful recovery.  She's had more than enough rubbish to deal with, it's time things got easier for her.

The wonderful staff at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital totally deserve a mention here.  Mr Guri Sandhu and of course the lovely Professor Howard (even though he abandoned me, sob!).  A special thanks goes out to B Ward, where the team is headed up by the lovely Sister O'Mahoney.  She'd kill me for writing that, lol.  I've spent more time there than I have at home over the last few years and without the support of all these people, I would have gone stark raving nuts.  Actually, I did go nuts, but that's one for another day :o)

Sorry for the sober tone, I have my occasional thoughful moments :o/

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