Friday, 24 June 2011

Talk about swings and roundabouts

Funny how the world turns, isn't it?  This morning I went to see the delightful Dr H.  It was interesting.  The queue was huge, and people were moving slowly.  Obviously, there are quite a few complex health issues out there.  So, I finally got in to see the man himself.  I explained that I had a hideous lurgy, and I believed it to be a chest infection.  He had a listen to my back and went 'ugh, that's disgusting'.  Reassuring, isn't he, lol?  But at least I know that what my body was telling me was right, you know?  And I thought I'd push my luck and complain about my nobbly knuckles as well.  He gave me some interesting cream to rub in, which smells absolutely disgusting.  The other stuff was nicer, even if it didn't work.  Ketaprofen smells delicious, all flowery and lavender based, mwahahahahaha...  I said I shall make sure to run myself on a regular basis lol.  And then I said can I ask something else, or are you bored already?  And he said 'go ahead'.  So I explained that I have been having trouble getting to sleep of a night.  Even one, two, three or four zopiclone didn't seem to have any effect.  I've been sat here night after night, playing with my blog and making crochet blankets.  But sleep still seems to evade me.  He said two things.  Firstly that the zopiclone probably isn't strong enough for my 'sort', what with me being bananas, so he prescribed some diazapam to give it a little more oomph.  And secondly he said to see the psychiatrist as the lack of sleep and agitation could indicate I am rising higher and higher.  I enjoy being a little high, it's one of the few gifts given to me by my illness, lol.  I told him straight that I am trying to avoid the psychiatrist, as he overreacts somewhat to the weirdest things.  One day he deduced that I was psychotic because I sat in the wrong chair.  Don't you just love them?

And about half an hour ago, a lady called from Adecco to ask if I want an Admin job at Queens Hospital.  Of course I want a job, even if it means we lose all our benefits.  The job would make me feel even slightly human, which would be a bonus.

I sent her my CV, and am waiting to hear back.  I shall keep my fingers crossed.

Funny old day.  It was nice to have an offer out of the blue, even if I was too off my face on temazapam to sell myself properly.  But there's no way I could have predicted the call, so I am not going to blame myself.  I needed the rest, and that's why he gave me the drug.

So all is well in the world.  I like my GP once more, and I like myself once more.  Respect is a funny thing.  When I feel as if I have lost my self respect, my world caves in.

My lungs still feel awful, but I have some clarithromycin which should work.  I've grown to trust it as an antibiotic, it's one of those that grows on you quietly.

I'll write more when I can think staight, but I wanted to say hi, and I hope you're having better days too.  Take care!

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