Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I'm back!!

Hi Everybody!!

Sorry for my prolonged absence, I am a somewhat technologically naive individual and I managed to get myself blocked from my own account, duh!  But, issue resolved, here I now am.

So what's new in life?  Well, I've had some good and bad news.  As far as my stenosis goes, the news is not good.  My entire trachea has become so damaged by scarring that it has turned to stone, making it incredibly difficult for my lovely surgeons whenever they have to stitch in a stent.  I suppose it was inevitable it would happen one day, but it is a frightening thought.  I mean, what happens when they can't get through the tissue there at all?...  The good news is that they have the skills, equipment and team they need to be able to perform the tissue engineered tracheal transplant but the Department of Health are being very slow about pushing through the paperwork.  I'm now in the process of asking my MP to intervene on my behalf.  I emailed him last week, and today I received a letter from his assistant asking for my address so that they can write to me.  Do you think this is good or bad news?  I just can't decide.

On a different note, the DWP are now harassing me to complete a form to prove that I'm not well enough to work.  Although it should be obvious that a person can't function without a healthy trachea, they don't yet seem able to grasp that fact.  I didn't choose to give up work, I was forced to!  I held two jobs in 2009, but was too unwell to maintain satisfactory attendance at either of them.  I shan't go on or else I will rant, lol.

And that's it.  other than that it's same old same old.  I'm getting a little older and a lot more tired, but I'm learning to live with that.  It's the boredom that drives you bananas, but I'm hoping you guys can help me with that.  I've taken up freecycling and crochet, and was debating basket weaving as a hobby also.  I instruct my husband on how to garden, and have successfully grown several batches of potatoes.  If the Government withdraw my money, I shall not starve :oD

Okay, that's enough for now, it's nearly 3am y'know.  I'm typing this by lamplight while my husband snores quietly in the background.  It's quite relaxing after a while, kind of like a cat purring.  My favourite time of the night is when all is quiet and I can hear nothing but the whistling in my ears.

Sweet dreams to all of you, wherever you may be X

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