Thursday, 7 July 2011

Contra indications

Contra indications on medications always amuse me.  it's basically the chemical equivalent of 'the left bit's connected to, wrong bit'.  what this means is, you take some drugs sometimes that unwittingly do your medical condition harm.

for some years, i was prescribed amitryptiline for various reasons.  And i found our yesterday that it's a drying agent, and really not good for people with breathing/lung problems.  so i thought y'all should know.

sometimes, we deliberately take drugs in the hope they will do us harm.  like the truckload of medications i just took.  i know that it's bizarre, i spent half the time fighting for my life and the other half playing russian roulette.  but there comes a time when a person has enough, so if tonight is my night, so be it. 

just in case, i wanted to post and say, with something like TS, support and community are important.  so please, whoever you are, try and reach out and make a connection with someone else.  I did, and it got me the best friend i could ever pray for.

night night and sweet dreams

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