Wednesday, 20 July 2011


good morning peoples, i hope you are all feeling wonderful today.

i am writing this from the comfort of my nebuliser,  unfortunately i woke up this morning absolutely full of gunge.  My chest is over producing mucous, and as fast as i cough it out, it builds up again.  quite disgusting it it, i must say.  lol.

i am feeling okay ish.  my chest hurts, obviously, and my stent is a little clogged by the mucous.  I also have a sore throat, which is unusual for me, so I guess i have gone down with some kind of lurgy.  i shall try and keep moving, and hope that it passes.

my car went in for a service today.  I sincerely hope it does okay.  i don't really know what a service involves, tbh, but i hope my car feels better for it.  later on, i have a meeting at the advocacy group where i sit on the committee.  it's usually fun; they have some interesting nibbles, and we thrash out some fun issues too.  i most enjoy the personnel aspects, but i find all of it quite interesting.  I can't say that finance is my thing, but i am always willing to learn.  everyone should do voluntary work, it's enriching for the soul.

i am not even thinking about my postponed surgery date.  I am annoyed.  It's not like i am going in to have an ingrowing toenail removed; it is my airway, and i need it to stay alive.  not that the pen pushers who run the NHS understand that.  i happen to believe a hospital should be run by caring professionals, not by managers and administrators and businessmen.  Sure, they have their part to play, but it should be in the background.  let the doctors and nurses look after the patient again, and you will see quality of care increasing beyond anyone's wildest dreams. 

Sigh, don't worry, I have given up ranting for a moment.  Right, tomorrow is my interview at a very well known children's hospital in London.  I can't wait, I really think it will be a positive experience.  I am not too sure what the test will involve, but the last test I took for an interview was fun, and I did very well on it.  So I shall try not to worry too much.  The interview will, I hope, go well, but there really is no guessing.  They will either like me, or they won't, so whatever will be will be.  I certainly am qualified for the job, so no worries on that part.  Yesterday was such a nice experience, that I really hope tomorrow doesn't ruin it.  It would be nice to be offered a job after all this time. 

Have a lovely day folks.  My nebuliser is finished, so I am off to greet the big wide world.  Oh yeah, and to cough a lot, lol.

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