Friday, 22 July 2011

What a great day!!!

Hey there!!

I wanted to tell you what happened after my week of busy job interviewing.  Firstly, the research assistant job; I didn't get it.  But I didn't get it because there were two other candidates with more experience, and as the guy in charge said, there is nothing I could have done about that.  On the bright side, he then asked me if i had a few minutes to talk.  He told me that he and his colleague had really been very impressed by my enthusiasm and interest in the study, and he had spoken to personnel about me.  Personnel had told him that as he had interviewed me already for the RA post, he didn't ever need to interview me again, and he told me that he and his colleague are actively trying to create a role for me.  And he wants to keep in touch!!  He gave me his mobile number and asked me if it's okay if he rings me every now and then for a chat about work/the study.  So I feel happy about that.  Technically, I passed the interview.  And isn't it great for the ego that he wants to actively create a job for me?

Now, this leaves me with a dilemma.  I went for an interview at a children's hospital yesterday, and it went absolutely really well.  The two panel members were lovely, and the competency test was easy peasy.  The initiative questions needed a bit of thinking about, but having worked in hospitals before, they weren't too challenging.  Anyway, I came home on a high.  This morning, I was about the dive in the bath when the phone rang, and it was the interviewer, who said to me 'How do you think your interview went?'.  I thought, oh dear.... I said 'I am so sorry, I waffled didn't I?'.  I said that I felt I could have been more concise and more focused, but other than that I think it went well.  She told me that my competency test was outstanding, my initiative test was very good, and I interviewed well; they really liked most of my answers.  She then said that on the basis of that, they would like to offer me a job!!  I couldn't believe it, I said 'Oh my word, I did not expect that at all', and she laughed.  She sounded really pleased to be hiring me, and I really really hope that I don't ever give her cause to regret it.  I'm so looking forward to this job, I really am.  It would be nice if I could do this job well, and every now and then do a little extra work for the guy from the psychology department.  He's the head of psychology, lol, and between you and me, he's pretty easy on the eye!!

This week has been splendid, I feel full of peace and love and joy.  This probably means I'm manic, but I'm enjoying it.  I really do feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Mental illness can sometimes be fun, so don't let anyone ever tell you bipolar is all bad.  Btw, i did confess my illnesses at the interview, so they are very aware of what they are taking on. 

I wrote all this, I guess, to let you know that sometimes, with enough will and desire to do so, you can find a way around the toughest of problems and do whatever you want to do.  My new job will be five minutes away from my ent hospital, so should I have a problem, I am well within reach of excellent care.  In emergency, the children's hospital will be able to keep me going until I can get to a general hospital.  There are very few problems in life that don't have a solution.  My husband has pledged to take me to and from work in the car, so I won't be getting overtired, nor will I be aggravating by back problem.  TS will not manage me because from now on I am managing it. 

I hope you all have lovely days, and thanks so much for reading.

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