Wednesday, 20 July 2011

It's a midlife crisis....

Lol, I just had to write again.  I am having such a great evening.  I have such lovely and supportive friends, who are all sending me messages of support for my interview in the morning.  And I was browsing the net while I was nebulising, and I came across a band called Ugly Kid Joe, who were huge in the early 90s.  Then after a few more clicks, I landed on Faith No More, who were also a 90s band.  Anyway, I suddenly remembered a song of theirs, Midlife Crisis, and when I went to Itunes, I actually had enough credit to buy it!!  And it absolutely rocks.  There are days when I love my life.

I'm all prepared for the morning.  Nail polish is removed, hair has been washed, documents are in my bag, and I know how to get to where I am going.  My outfit is a nice smart dress, black with flowers on, and a navy blazer with a flower on the lapel.  I'm wearing cute little brown suede ankle boots.  I will function best if I am comfortable, which is why I have bypassed the idea of pencil skirts and unflattering trousers.  I look great in this dress, which is not an easy thing to achieve when you are 17stone.   I gained the weight by taking Olanzapine, not by being greedy.  I'll tell you about it some time.  Anyway, as I said, I will feel more comfortable in my pretty dress, and as a result I will also feel more confident, and I will perform better.  I am optimistic that I will be offered this job, I just don't know that it's a great idea given my state of health.  But I shall worry about that later.  If I can pass the interview, I'm sure I can get help with the rest.

Can you believe it?  My shift key has suddenly come back to life.  Strange....

I'm going to kick back and watch a little TV.  Have a lovely evening, and have some fun remembering a great song from your past. 

I forgot to mention, my lovely husband brought me in an ice cream from the van that comes around every evening.  Lovely surprise, and he even got me two flakes!  Everybody needs a husband like that :o)

Sweet dreams, for I am a bed.....

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