Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Something strange going on...

hey there.

well, today has been a little strange.  This morning, i had a job interview which i feel went well, but i think it unlikely that i will be offered the post.  i am pleased to have been shortlisted for interview, so what will be will be, and all that. 

i came home to a letter from the lovely RNTNE hospital, which is where i have treatment for my TS.  I was supposed to be having surgery this coming monday but, you guessed it, they cancelled and rebooked for august the 8th.  this is my major pet hate.  I turned down a job interview because i was supposed to be having surgery.  and they gave me no explanation whatsoever.  If they had said 'sorry, the surgeon is unwell', or 'the theatre fell through the floor' or something, anything, i would understand.  but it seems that i am too unimportant to merit an explanation, so my frustrations go unanswered.  i am so pissed off about that job interview.  It is too late now for me to ask them for a slot.  so thanks to the ent hospital, i yet again miss out on an opportunity.  i hate them.  i really, really hate them.  i hate that my life is ruled by them, and i hate that they don't ever offer me an explanation when they mess me around.  They make living with this illness very very hard sometimes. 

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